Studying Music with Carroll Ann Bottino

Bass recorderMs. Bottino teaches classical music on piano, harpsichord and recorders to children and adults.

Students come from Lexington, Burlington, Bedford, Boxborough, Concord, Waltham and other towns in the metropolitan Boston area.

Her extensive library of repertoire includes music from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras. Students study music from all of the major musical eras.

Adults who never had music lessons as children, adults who want to resume their childhood lessons, and adults continuing their musical studies are all encouraged to expand their musical experiences with lessons. 

Please call Ms. Bottino to arrange an interview... 781-862-3337
The Pacem community welcomes you!

Workshops & Concerts 2018-2019

51st Year of Concerts
55 Years of Teaching

Fall Workshop
November 4, 2018

101st Festival Concert
December 21, 2018

Winter Workshop
March 3, 2019

Spring Workshop
May 5, 2019

102nd Festival Concert
June 16, 2019*
*If No Snow Days

Concert and workshop dates subject to change.
RSVP 781-862-3337.

In her words:

"I began teaching my children. We started with the recorder and in time we added the piano. I began teaching my friends' children and my children's friends. Soon there were people I didn't know walking through my door for lessons. One of my joys is to teach a student from their musical beginnings and, in due time, to have both that student and their children study here at Pacem."

"To give our study a sense of purpose, students can be awarded certificates for weekly achievement in theory, sight reading, and their prepared lesson. Students perform at Fall, Winter and Spring Workshops, and we offer Concerts twice each year in December and June. Certificates are awarded annually at the June concerts to students who complete performance requirements at nine progressive levels in piano and harpsichord, or recorder, courses of study in theory and harmony, and sight-reading."

Photos from the May 2014 Festival Concert