What Students and Parents Are Saying

Eleanor Erickson: "As an adult student I found the most amazing quality of Carroll Ann's was her ability to create a musical community which included all of her students and their families. This involved recitals, dinners at her home and outings to musical events in the area. She became involved with all of us in a caring way. Her teaching is superior and she expects the best from us in our musical efforts. Foremost to us she is a friend."

Linda White, mother of a middle-school student: "Carroll Ann's attention to detail and consistent focus on developing each student's desire to reach their personal best and strive for excellence sets her apart. She empowers each student to be responsible for their lesson time and encourages parental involvement to ensure that lesson time is productive. At the end of each year, she encourages the student's involvement in the music selection process for the coming year. Students choose music from each of the five great periods. This yields a repertoire that is diverse and an opportunity for students to take ownership of their music."

Ravi, 10-yr-old student: Carroll Ann teaches me to be a complete musician--she teaches me theory of music, music composition, to play musically, researching the pieces I play, researching composers--and not just to play the piano.

Rajeev 8-yr-old student: "Carroll Ann never says anything negative, she always encourages me. She goes birding with me and my family. She teaches me about astronomy."

Devjani, mother & former student: "Carroll Ann taught me that there is more to playing the piano that simply playing the right notes at the right time. She taught me to learn and appreciate the musicality and interpretation of a piece of music."

Lynn, mother: "Carroll Ann's commitment to my daughter has made her the musician she is today."

Barbara Dove, adult chamber music student: "I chose Carroll Ann because she coaches ensembles. I have enjoyed working with her with several different instruments with several groups. She has helped me blend my instrument with others, identify and correct intonation issues, and prepare for performances at local venues."


About Her Teaching

Ms. Bottino's disciplined approach and structured program encourages students to take responsibility for their lesson and practice time.

She develops each student’s desire to reach his or her personal best.